So you want to create a ‘fuggly’ owl to be your pal? Though yours doesn’t have to be fuggly, that’s just the way I sew! (hehe)

1. Cut out two triangles (one small one, one bigger one) with slightly curved edges as seen.

note: it’s not an exact science, so you may like to experiment with longer, shorter, wider, thinner, curvier triangles.

2. Face the fabric inwards and sew up one side. As you sew, pull the two fabric edges so that they are together. There will be a gap where the ‘A’ triangle ends. Continue sewing up along the side of B triangle, then back down along the other side.

3. Sew around the bottom opening so that you can pull on the thread and draw the bottom closed like a drawstring bag. Fill it with filling and pull the bottom closed.

note: I use grain but wool or polyester stuffing is also good. Do not fill it up too much!

4. Fold the top down and secure it. This makes the beak.

note: This is why you don’t want to fill it too much because you wont be able to pull the beak far down, though some people like very small beaks. If so then fill it up lots!

5. Add eyes.

note: Beads work well. Fabric has a tendency to fray when cut too small. Don’t learn this the hard way!


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12 Thoughts on “Create an Owl to be your Pal

  1. I love this! My sister’s sweet sixteen is this weekend and I think I’m going to make her some! Thank you!

  2. Ohh, such a cute idea, Hellin. I was thinking of making some owl-sachets thanks to miss fyrefies — so cute!

  3. Awesome; thank you for the article ! My sister loves owl; I’ll send her this link.


  4. So great! I’m gonna make it :P :razz:

  5. AAH! Cute! I just made one, it looks so bad(because I suck 10x at sewing), your sewing is not fuggly!! I might get heaps of practice in and make a little army of fowls (fuggly owls ;-)) and then I was thinking of making a giant one to go on my bed :mrgreen: I think they are so awesome and a great idea <3

  6. Ummm actually mine doesn’t look like an owl at all. :cry: Oh well.

  7. Let’s see it! I bet it’s great! I’m thinking of making a terry cloth one for baby. <3

  8. Aimee on 06/11/2010 at 1:43 am said:

    Haha ok, I’ll take a picture of it after I charge my camera :P

  9. The image no longer works :???:
    Mel recently blogged Reflection time?

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