I’m currently putting my Etsy store on a hiatus while I try out Big Cartel. I’m very pleased with the features it has to offer as well as the customization options.

Have you tried Big Cartel? The site is really clean and well-organized first off, that’s what drew me in originally. I also love that about Etsy. Big Cartel also offers product options which is a big deal for me. Excited to give it a try.

I have quite a lot of things in the shop so far. Deericorn and Miseducated goods, as well as my art prints, and kitschy vintage deliciousness! I hope you enjoy.

I’m also working on an article about using Etsy vs other store fronts which I’ll be posting soon–got a lot of great opinions from you.


About Amber Renée

Artist & designer that has a madmad obsession with whimsy and color.

3 Thoughts on “We’ve Moved to Big Cartel

  1. Nice site, very minimal, I like it!
    Spencer recently blogged Adding Google Web Fonts to a Big Cartel store

  2. Thank you so much. :)

  3. I love your unicorn. It’s so sweet ? I saw one of your ATC with it, and it’s so nice ! ?
    Piimanyx recently blogged Aventures parmi les livres

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