I have such a collection of vintage, kitschy goodies that I thought I would start sharing them with you. You can use these to make your own collages, ATCs and whatever else floats your rainbow sail boat! Please enjoy and stay tuned for more goodies.

Today’s freebie is a vintage kitty cat with a yellow bow and rose. So cute!

To download right click the image and load the link in a new window then save the image to your hard drive.


About Amber Renee

Artist & designer that has a madmad obsession with whimsy and color.

3 Thoughts on “Kitschy Scans: Vintage Kitty Cat

  1. amdewitt on 11/07/2011 at 8:16 am said:

    Very cute site. I can tell you’ve put tons of work into it.

  2. Ok, so I’m loving the Kitschy Scans idea! This is a cute little kitty…I’m sure I’ll find something super cute project to use her in soon! I’m thinking I need a kitty now…one without claws. :)
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  3. A super cute kitty! I know I can find a project to use this cutie. You did a great job on it.

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