Ear Candy: Dubstep, Fidget and Electro Sugar

For some reason during depression I lost touch with one of my passions in life, music. Now while I’m bouncing back I’m becoming just as obsessed with music as ever before. It’s a visual and emotional journey for me… through a colorful candyland of eargasmic glitter and delectable collages of sound.

A friend from college has begun using some of my random status quotes as inspiration in his music so we’re planning some sort of collaboration. I have tons of lyrics I want to do something with someday… maybe I’ll even find the perfect dj to use my mermaid tongue and dope lyrics in his tracks? Hehe. Needless to say I’ve become addicted to SoundCloud yet again. Yay! Here are a few favorites I’ve added so far:

What genres of music inspire you the most?

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    Thanks for finally ωriting аbout Ear Cаndy: Dubѕtep, Fіdget anԁ Electro Ѕugar on Mіseducated! Like it!

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