An Introduction to The World According to Us

Once upon a time there were two little girls named Amber Renée (of Miseducated and and Jamie Sucré (of Sugar Junkie and Kawaii or Die) that, having missed much of their own childhoods, urned for more dolly POP culture; the sweet and carbonated beauty that has been duplicated into the atmosphere for many, many years. They adored dolls pumped out of magical metal factories like gentle candy for the masses, pose dolls with their shoddily glued on fashion of days gone by, kawaii cute accessories, scented markers, stickers, erasers and SO much more. There had to be a place to share their love for sugary sweet cuteness and psychedelic nonsense with the world and they were forever on a mission to find it. Dolls, sweets, surprises and all the things that make days a magical ball of sunshine brought this feature to life like a mechanical monster filled with the wonder of a child. We hope you enjoy your read; we welcome new friends with open arms and glittering eyes.

I wrote that introduction a long time ago for a collaboration we were doing, the custom pose dolls were created for that reason as well. We both decided after much thought that we need our own blog for our silly ideas, photos, features, videos and rants but had enough trouble keeping up with our one blogs at the time. We quickly decided a feature here at Miseducated where we blow up themes into big, sugary bubbles for display would be excellent. So this feature was born and we welcome you. As will always be, Amber’s words are in lavender and Jamie’s are in pastel pink.

Amber Renée

I’m really excited about this. Jamie and I are working on some graphic collaborations at the time and this seemed like the next obvious step for our thoughts and ideas. We’re planning a photo shoot for our collaboration and also random outings and videos as well! We’re very excited about the article ideas we have, I know, where we decide on a theme we feel passionate about and each write our personal views. So yes, I’m very excited to say the least. This has been in the makings for quite some time and I hope you enjoy.

Jamie Sucré

I, too, am really excited about this. I’m so excited that I’m getting necklaces made of Amber’s custom pose dolls up there for both of us in addition to our current Sugar Junkie x Amber Renée necklace collaboration coming soon. This feature will be about the world we all share from two points of view. We plan to display trippy silent videos, photos of trips to the places we love to go and everything else that is us and our world. I hope you love it!

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