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It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Amber Renee — I’m a mother mermaid, domestic goddess, best friend, artist, designer, author, writer, blogger, crafter, cat hugger, motivational rainbow maker, old school candy raver, kawaii inhaler, Tokyo-treader, internet sunshine-spreader living with my family (my Mister and I have 4 gorgeous children total + 1 cat!) in a huge, old home in Indianapolis, Indiana and I’m endlessly inspired to try and find new things for us to go gaga over.


My past is dark so I’m on a mission to collage my future with love and adoration for the beautiful world we share and the many different people that we share it with (especially my daughter Colette Fawn (Coco) and my beautiful Mister Educated, a genius contemporary realism artist). I’m always learning new ways to see the world and to enjoy life in a way I never dreamed of. If I can make it through and be happy, I want to inspire you to make it too. Happiness is a choice and a lifestyle that we have to choose for ourselves; no one else can choose it for us (although we sometimes like to think they can). I thought I would eventually find happiness as I stumbled through life long enough but realized after much regret I actually had to work hard for it and choose it as a new lifestyle (it was extremely painful at first to say the least as most tough, vital changes are). So please join me and choose happiness!

I created this blog so that I can share amazing inspirations and designs that can be found everywhere today and embrace my slight, color-charged, whimsical-hungry insanity in a very public way. There is an abundance of inspiring people and places around the world to open our eyes to. We don’t have to live in the dark, we can forever live in color.

My Daughter, Colette

This is one of the loves of my life, my heart and soul and everything I stand for. My best friend helped me decide on the name Colette, my French name and the name of one of the most amazing and inspiring women writers, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. Her middle name, Fawn, comes from my spirit animal the fawn, an adorable creature my father brought into my life by our living near a magical forest that we often visited and explored. She was born in 2010 and has opened my eyes to a wonderful way of life ever since she came into it. If I wasn’t appreciative of everything childlike, magical and imaginative before I definitely am now. I most enjoy weaving a magical world of color and wonder with her as my mother once did with me and look forward to sharing more kid-friendly projects here at Miseducated.


Reading Stephen King, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Mary Karr

Inspiration animals, LOVE, Hello Kitty, Sanrio, psychedelia, Andy Warhola, David Bowie, Brian Froud, Nintendo, Postpet, Sofia Coppola, Kimikat, Japan, science, space, evolution, religion, spirituality, vegetarianism, energy, magick, vintage magazines, Disney, rainbows, hearts, stars, Buddhism, Strawberry Switchblade, Gwen Stefani, Lisa Frank, Ayumi Uyama, Rune Naito, Marichan, Junko Mizuno, Missy Munday, FRUiTS, decora, fairy-kei, Paris, Marie Antoinette, electro, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Lady Lovelylocks, Rose Petal Place, Popples, vintage pop culture, Veruca Salt, raves, plastic and all things tacky, retro and kitsch

Hobbies weaving a wonderland with my daughter, experiencing everything in life with my handsome mister, enjoying the world with my amazing friends, animal adoring, obsessively taking photos, cooking, art and design, writing, dreaming, coffee and coffee shops, TEA, exploring Tokyo (past home), Paris, Chicago and Los Angeles alone and armed with a camera, singing, music, karaoke clubs, dancing, painting, hookah smoking, eating out, traveling, window shopping, baking Parisian-style pet pastries, throwing silly themed parties with mister, shopping, art journaling, mushroom hunting and occasional obsessive gaming

Music electro, David Bowie, No Doubt, Veruca Salt, Strawberry Switchblade, Gwen Stefani, dubstep, Eminem, Dr Dre, Kissy Sell Out, fidget, happy hardcore, Goldfrapp, tatu, house, Salt n’ Pepa, Princess Superstar, Kreayshawn, MIA, D12

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About Miseducated

Miseducated is a lifestyle, a brand, a community and an online magazine stuffed full of colorful and whimsical material for you to enjoy, participate in and create. Youll find an endless supply of whimsically inspired and visually driven articles to read, visual reviews of apartments, movies, businesses, events and more, a psychedelic and minimal interpretation of Japanese kawaii design, cute and creative craft patterns and DIY projects, deliciously magical recipes to whip up and enjoy and much much more. Enjoy your stay and check back often for new colorfully sweet and decadently whimsical inspiration.

The History of Miseducated

Miseducated began in 1997 as a personal website by myself {then known as Cat*e; this is also the year I got kitten Hobbes and met my girl soulmate Kimikat ♥} covered in rainbows, candy and moon cats. In April of 2001 I bought the domain http://www.miseducated.net and proceeded to move my personal website there. In November of 2008 I finally updated and published some old articles I’d written and Miseducated was reborn as the whimsical blog and lifestyle brand you see today. In 2010, after much regret of not choosing to buy the .com {I seriously thought .net sounded better at the time} and many years of waiting, http://www.miseducated.com went up for auction and I was finally able to snag it at a fair price.

1990s Miseducated

The absolute beginning (click!) of my web and graphic design career. (Hahaha.) I’m finally showing you this because I want to show you that each and every person has to start somewhere and learn and grow — no one just rolls out of bed with the knowledge and talent they need to succeed in their desired field. Back then all of my graphics were either scanned Sanrio and Sailor Moon collectables or created first in MS Paint and then finally in Paint Shop Pro. The delicious marshmallow rainbow palette is by Kimikat of course. FYI, the non-smooth text makes me gag as well.

Becoming the Miseducated Brand