Blog it Forward: On Inspiration

When I found out about sfgirlbybay‘s project Blog it Foward, I was so excited to be involved. Seeing all the amazing entries has me finding tons of new blog friends to connect with — design is a common language we speak.

What’s most inspiring to me and the work I do is life experiences, love, loss, emotion. There are also some silly things like vintage magazines and Japanese toys I cannot seem to stop collecting. Everything I have in my home inspires me to some deal.. I’m constantly inspired to alter, change and recreate. I’m also inspired by 60s and 70s psychedelic artwork, of course.. sometimes my work is overly colorful but I feel it’s right. If I tried to be less like myself and more like others it would be a boring world.. people inspire me, how different and yet how alike we all are.

Most of all you inspire me, you who visits and encourages me to continue strongly at my dream. With every visit, comment, email I float to the moon and sail through the stars.


Another thing that has always made my life better — has saved me in so many instances I couldn’t imagine, inspired me endlessly and soothed me to sleep when I felt no comfort…

What inspires you?

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    Wonderful! I so enjoyed reading about what inspires you…and I’m so happy to “meet” you…

    We share this day of Blog It Forward…I wrote about what inspires me today as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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    oh, so happy to see all of your sweet comments — so glad you enjoyed it! i cannot wait to build lasting relationships with each and every wonderful, creative blogger online. 😉 and i am very excited to see your inspirations! they’ve each been so unique and amazing.

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    The artwork you did here is great I really love it. You remind me of myself a lot although I am still growing in terms of my creative side although its always been there.

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