Cat Ladies Are So Vogue Right Now

The mize-en-scenes in this May 2008 photoshoot for Vogue Italia by Miles Alderidge (who I also found out shares my love for the photographic beauty of a toxic cigarette) make me foam at the mouth. It makes me excited that so many artists continue to be as inspired by cats and their beauty as I am. I used to be made into such an outcast because my art was focused on cats and would often hear both unintelligent and negative comments about them and the assumed shortcomings of their personalities. Today cats are in Vogue, on jewelry, on clothes and in your home stealing your internets.

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    This is something I can really relate to! I don’t understand why cats receive so much negativity! 😕 I once got told I would not find a husband if I planned to fill my house with cats one day! Seriously? 🙄 (Luckily my current bf is as obsessed with cats as I am) and I get a lot of “cats are stupid” comments when I mention how much I love them. They are the most adorable and beautiful creatures ever (so lithe and flexible!). Their silly antics also never get old, we should never stop loving them 😉
    Mel recently blogged Through the eyes of an artist

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