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Siren, Sequins and Bubblegum Hookah

Recently I had the chance to try some of Siren’s new styles and I was instantly hooked yet again. Their bedazzled clothing lights up the whimsical part of my brain like no other. As soon as I toss a garment over my head, in this case it’s their Belle Black Indie Dress, I feel ready to frolic in the forest and to pick the wildflowers that brush the delicate hem.

When I get my shit together I promise I’ll be adding a lot more photos of their goodies.

In other news I finally decided to get the hookah pipe down off of the mantel and put it to good use again. I’ve been smoking a lot of shisha lately and have spotted a cute brand for you to try if you’re interested (but I’ve heard the best brand is Starbuzz). These come in cute tins and an array of flavors. My favorite tin is the papillon flavor which I must admit I have to try. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

Sunday, Monday and Miniature Tomatoes

First I want to say that I love you. I don’t think it’s too soon in our relationship for me to be professing my undying love to you, no. I say I’m having a bad day and, because of your sweetness, I immediately receive lots of genuinely caring responses that instantly cheered me up. I hate writing both personal and negative things, it’s always hard for me to do. It was very reassuring to hear that you also have those days.

Speaking of OFF days.. I started my online day off with a FOLLOW MONDAY on twitter only to realize, after a friendly reminder from my partner in crime, that it’s SUNDAY. What a dork I am. I’m so ready for the new week to be here that I completely forgot about how wonderful lazy Sunday is.

I also wanted to write another little nonsense post filled with nothing but blab for you to sink your teeth into. Isn’t that your favorite thing? My blabbing? No? Well bear with me.

Have you ever wore pettipants before? I bought some adorable lilac ones from eBay. I’m obsessed. Now I have 3 pairs. I know it looks like I’m wearing bloomers with my teeshirts but I don’t care (they’re longer than my shorts!). Colette needs some, too.

Have you tried The Sims Social yet? My friends and I are just a little addicted.. I lost my Sims 3 CD recently and have been sad ever since so this is just what I needed to waste time on.

As you know I’m very obsessed with my new balcony. This summer I started a garden out there and finally grew some pleasantly plump cherry tomatoes. The first ripe tomato was the perfect size, for my imaginary miniature grilled cheese, so I just had to cut some slices.

On the subject of miniature food, have you seen this book? I bought it years ago, before I had Colette, and now I cannot wait until she’s old enough to make the tiny treats inside. It has everything from miniature burgers to miniature petit fours.

Because I’m such a foodie, I’ll end this entry on more food.. I was lucky enough to have crab nachos today for lunch and I’m still craving them. Isn’t it the perfect time for seafood? My car agrees! It now smells just like old, soggy crab meat! On the way home from dinner we took a short stop and into the floor flew the box of crab and mussels. Mussels in my floor board. I don’t know if I’m more upset about the smell they left behind or about them not ending up in my stomach.

I hope you’ve had an excellent weekend as well. I’m as excited to hear about your adventures as you are for me to shut up about my tomatoes!

I’m Having an Off Day

Today is definitely an off day.
You know how sometimes you wake up and feel a little uncomfortable?
I’m trying not to focus on it but I feel it creeping up behind me like an ugly monster while I’m working..
On off days I’m really uninspired and unmotivated. Yuck!

Bob Marley lullabies are blasting for Colette to nap to and they’re slowly lifting me up.
Taking time out to awaken your senses always helps relieve those ‘off’ feelings.
Listen to the sounds around you and slowly rub a scented lotion into your hands or take a slow drink of your tea.

Maybe it’s something in the air?
The air smells different.
The season is new.
Yet I still feel stuck in a sort of winter limbo.
I want to lay out, wear tights and take photographs in the sunshine.
Yet I only go out when I need to.

I’m battling with my art.
I’m struggling with blogging.
I don’t know if I should close Miseducated.
Or continue to push myself to blog when I dread it more everyday.
What’s the problem?
Why does it feel like such a chore?
Everything feels like a chore.

They’re changing my medication to something new.
I’m tired of trying to find the right combination.
I’m tired of being a shadow of my old self with medication.
Why should I be embarrassed when some of the most amazing people have the disorders that I do?
Chemistry of the mind.

I’ll probably never post this because, as my best friend knows, I get horrid anxiety when I post anything personal here.
That’s not what this blog is. Is it?

How do you curb your off days?

We’re On Our Way

It’s been quite a busy week and there’s still so much to do before this weekend. I’m excited to tell you that I have fashion tutorials and possibly even some video tutorials coming for you very soon! I’ve also been working on several collaborations and I cannot wait to show you the results. Some great artist interviews are on the way with Kim Ripley of stoopidgerl and pop surrealist painter Camilla D’Errico. Wee! We also have a great load of new sponsors ready to support Miseducated in the coming months. (Email us if you’re interested in more information about advertising here.)

This is the Bunny Queen in her palace.

Lately I’ve been up to a lot whole lot of working and mothering. I’m just trying to catch up and keep my head above the water. I’ve also been doing a whole lot of loving, which is obviously really important. Don’t forget to tell everyone you love that you care because there’s nothing like giving and receiving love. Especially right now.

Trying to keep positive and actually getting the apartment organized and clean.. I have company coming soon and I need to do a top to bottom spring (summer!) cleaning. I’m so looking forward to it! Now if I could just start and end somewhere besides the litterbox… I can’t seem to get past it. Keeping up with everyone’s (Colette’s, Hobbes’s, Wanwan’s) poop schedules all day long is daunting!

Have you been keeping cool?

Sunshine, Painting and Friendship

Lately things have been a bit crazy for me! Hard to get caught up and still keep my office/house as clean and organized as I would like to.. I always say I’m going to do better when things settle down but they never settle down. I’m going to have to become a workaholic and blog everyday whether I feel like it or not!

Today I was taking some photos of my new paintings and someone wanted to jump in the shot. He always wants to be exactly in the middle of whatever I’m doing, haha. (Sorry to those of you who saw this on my portfolio already!!)

this is in progress~

This coming month is going to be a big one for girly fun. I can’t wait! Do you have big plans for the summer?

I don’t feel like writing an article

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve let myself go. I haven’t been exercising, laying out or taking care of my skin. So I’ve decided to put my foot down. I’ve decided that I will now do all of those things and more. And I will write. I will make progress.

I haven’t been making progress here for awhile now. I could run away from work all day, spend it basking in the beautiful vitality of my always cheerful child. Spend it baking in the sun alongside my best friend. Spend it separating my toes and painting each one of my toenails a different color.

I’ve also been considering shutting down my blog or at least seriously changing things. I’m not inspired to write here because every single post has to be an article with some sort of purpose other than just writing and communicating about whimsical nonsense I encounter which is what I originally intended this blog to be anyway. Things always change. I usually resist it but lately I find it exciting. I need some change.

What do you think?

Wear the World, Giveaways and Siren Love

Hello! How are you doing today? I’ve been busy preparing items for an upcoming gallery and doodling psychedelic cats for Tokyolux’s new line.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve uploaded any photos of myself so I thought I’d update with an outfit finally, as I’ve really been meaning to do for quite a long time. Today’s outfit is brought to you by Tokyolux — the sweater was a gift from Audrey. I love it, it’s large and comfortable.

After these photos were taken I proceeded to burn my tights (accident) so I’ll be uploading a DIY distressed tights tutorial soon~

As you can see I’ve also added a sneak peek photo of our upcoming giveaway! A couple more items are on the way but I just couldn’t wait to show you what cute items we’ve received already. The giveaway will be taking place this spring so stay tuned for more information on that in the future!

Lastly, Siren London sent me a package stuffed full of their amazing clothing samples which I’ll also be featuring later. If you’ve never checked Siren out do so now, you’ll drool! They are the cardigan queens.

upcoming giveaway sneak peek

new package from siren london

Rainbowlicious Starbright Gumdrop Surprise Cake

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with my my mom.
We usually discuss all sorts of off the wall things but today she told me about my first birthday..
I don’t have a lot of memories from my childhood (and I surely could have never remembered my first birthday).
You see I’ve been planning Colette’s first birthday, I’m not sure where I want it to be but I know I want it to be as colorful and magical for her as my mom always tried to make life for me.
My mom loved rainbows and unicorns when I was a little girl so they flood my memories of my youth and I learned that on my first birthday I had a star-shaped orange cake with rainbow gumdrops baked inside.
Doesn’t that sound splendid?

So now I’m on a mission to find a recipe to such an amazing, kitschy sounding cake that must have made my day once long ago.
It wasn’t a fruit cake which most gumdrop recipes tend to be (yuck).. so I’m thinking a tasty lemon or orange cake recipe with a cup of gumdrops (cut them in half and *discard* the black licorice ones!) added would do the trick!
Use a star pan and viola you have your very own rainbowlicious surprise cake!

I can’t seem to gather my thoughts long enough to write a sensible entry~ I apologize for all the wonkiness.

Do you have memories from your childhood (either heard or remembered) that you believe shaped who you are today?

Girls Night Out and Live Webcams

I just cannot seem to get inspired so I’m forcing myself to get back into the habit of writing anyway.

I finally had a much-needed girl night this weekend.
My best friend and I decided to dress up and go to the roller derby (I was planning to feature it).
It didn’t exactly work out as planned, however. When we arrived we had to park so far away that we gave up halfway there.
We had trekked through the cold rain stinging our faces and smearing our makeup so long that we quickly grew weary of the journey left and ran back to the warm car.
We promised that we’d warm our bones with a glass of wine upon arriving home and we’d try out webcam chatting.

I tend to be too shy to try out webcam chatting, as my friends know after much begging to Skype with them, but with a couple of glasses of wine and my partner in crime by my side I feel like I can do anything. This includes sharing silly details about out night, playing and commenting on music and taking questions from viewers~ it was totally fun and a great way to wind down after a chilly night out. We used Stickam and although we did get some pervy messages the majority of the people were chill. I definitely recommend trying it out for fun and nonsense.. however watch out! One minute we had no watchers, the next we had hundreds.. and we’re total dorks!

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