tulip ZINE: Beauty & Inspiration (PDF version)



Tulip Magazine is like a flower; in order for it to flourish and exist it requires readers and contributors. A smile blossoms with Tulip Magazine. The overlooked becomes magnificent and the under-looked becomes known. It is dainty design and beauty in full color. It is part underground magazine, part timeless, miniature book.

In this issue

  • women artists on beauty
  • inspiration
  • beauty of the past
  • sweet & simple recipe cards
  • unique & inspired {French} interiors
  • design
  • letters
  • must-haves
  • personality

Tulip is…

a zine originally published, printed, stapled and stamped in house and now made available by PDF. It is not the black and white copy machine glory like most zines, but it is their digital, colorful sister. It is not a commercial magazine, but it is inspired by their existence. Tulip Magazine is inspired by tiny design books that find their ways through the cracks and land into grand libraries.

After paying you will receive a high quality, printable quality PDF of Tulip Magazine.

“Stunning zine! Love it.” – Customer