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Product Category: Accessories

Mini Button Set

buttonsHere are 2 buttons with Deericorn on them ready to get stuck wherever you please.
Price: $4.00

Deericorn Gumball Ring

gumballringThis adjustable ring features an original Deericorn surrounded by polka dots. Comes in a plastic gumball to remind you of the days when quarter machines were tops.
Out of Stock

Deericorn Carousel Necklace

carouselThis necklace features two Deericorns playing on a carousel. The chain is silver, pink, blue and purple plastic. Each pendant has a tiny, mirrored Miseducated tag attached and will arrive packaged in it's own silky bag padded well for optimal handling.
Price: $30.00
Out of Stock

Deericorn Cameo Tote Bag

toteA small, purple tote with a flocked psychedelic Deericorn cameo will accompany you with whimsy on your travels. This tote bag is 13.5 x 15 inches not including the straps.
Price: $15.00