I’m Dreaming of You

My husband is so cute when he’s sleeping.
He talks in his sleep, you see.
Tonight I asked him why he was moving and he said “I’m just waiting on you to come get me. I miss you.”
In the past (he hates coffee -even the smell- and I love it) he told me he wants to know how much the coffee is so he can buy it for his wife.
I’m always wondering what he’s doing in his sweet, mundane dreams.

Meanwhile, in my dreams, I’m flying, moving to some alternate universe, swimming with my daughter while we have mermaid fins, finding rooms full of fairies and shimmery blue butterflies, and eating desserts because I know I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight.
I have noticed these days in my mundane (and stress) dreams I seem to often be moving.
I’m moving and arranging all of the kids’ bedrooms.
I love arranging a house and also going through the things the past owners left.
In a recent stress dream I was moving and I was rushing through throwing all of these flower decorations away that the owner left.
It was so kitschy cute, every single item was covered in roses and pastels.
However I was so upset that they were not my own things in my home that I decided to just toss them compulsively.
Then I realized that I probably should have notified the owner.

Iridescent Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters

Day With a Camera: Revamping your Space

So it’s been a few months since we moved into our big, white-walled apartment on a lake. I loved it as soon as I saw it.. I’m just contemplating what to paint the walls with the high ceilings (we’re going to need a ladder). One can still however design with color no matter how plain your walls are. I went out on an inspiration run yesterday, hoping to get odds and ends I need for decorating.

I still cannot figure out how I want to store/arrange my DVDs in an attractive way… there are way too many to stack them (I’m talking wobbly tower of doom). Possibly time for another huge entertainment center from IKEA? How do you organize your DVDs and records attractively?

???? Strolling through a kitschy field of flowers~
A bouquet of feathers for the mantel~ My headboard of lights~
How does one arrange DVDs attractively? A bouquet of feathers is just what I needed~

Moving Time and Living Out of Boxes

happy birthday

Remember all those times I complained of not having my own office anymore? Of everything being transitional and having our stuff in boxes and in storage? Well we finally settled down into our new home. It took so much work to get here and I’m excited to get to share it with Colette!

I’m unpacking all of my favorite things. Things I forgot even existed.

Which reminds me of the purpose of this post, to remind you that you also own things you don’t even know exist.

Living without all of my things for over a year (I had my clothes and computer of course!) really helped me pinpoint my hoarding problem. I found I had packed and moved boxes upon boxes of stuff, most of which I didn’t need, to our new apartment. Not that my house was cluttered.. as you can see from the previous articles featuring my first apartments.. but I’ve always had too much to display! So what’s the point?

It really forced me to take a look at everything as I unpacked items one by one.. it made me really appreciate the things I had missed and realized I should donate a lot of the things I had forgotten about.. in getting rid of your excess items you can focus on your favorites OR things that really matter!

most of them

I’ve been clearing and storing.. I have this silly stack of vintage and kitschy cookbooks that I can’t seem to part with but I had to move to the closet because I felt the amount of books was getting a little overwhelming.. I’ve found that rather than collect a lot of something you like to display.. it’s best to display your favorites and possibly part with the rest (unless it’s your hobby, like Blythe is mine).

I like to have people over a lot and I’d rather them see things that really matter to me and my environment rather than a cluttered collection of dusty maneki nekos. Perhaps some of my favorites from Japan and a cute family photo? I have a thing for jars of candy.

Today is the day to get your life in order. To sort, shelve and box. To donate and to reuse. Look around and notice the clutter, notice if there’s anything that you’re not attached to. Make room for favorite things, clear spaces for new treasures.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Fear of Fear

I had originally planned to include photos of every home I’ve ever lived in but of course my computer crashed upon arriving in our new home. Did I say how anxious I am because I’m unable to work or access client files?

I thought you should know, however, that I’ve finally moved into my new office and work will ensue very soon. There is SO MUCH I’ve missed and so much I appreciate now. Most of all you.

French Magazine Clippings: MiLK Home Decor

You’ll be noticing some changes around here.. mostly just cleaning things up and preparing for more change.. there are so many things I’ve wanted to get done but have continually put off!

Don’t throw tomatoes yet! .. remember, I’m a new mother!

I’ve decided that when you’ve figured out how to work with a baby on your lap you must be really driven. Ha!

So here I am preparing a move, trying to work and giving Colette every free moment and busy moment I have. I want to build her a world of dreams and wonderment — color and whimsy. I cannot WAIT to move and finally unpack. I’m starting to forget what my real office even looks like anymore..!

So in the middle of all of this I’ve been feeling the insatiable need to travel again.. and so I’m planning a couple of trips to cities in the USA but I’m having urges for more international travel. I miss my friends and family in Japan and I would love to go on a shopping spree for our new place. A trip back to Paris wouldn’t be so bad either, have you seen MiLK Decor in France? I’ve been EATING home decor magazines lately.

Do you want more??


Rice, the Colorful Home Decor Company

I recently had the delight of viewing rice of Denmark’s summer catalogues. The color and decor is very Jeu de Paumes and left my eyes swelling with sugar and sparkle. Eye candy and color for kids rooms, outside and of course, the home!

I can’t get enough, can you? I’m ready to have tea in the garden with all of these goodies tomorrow.


“Rice is a basic survival product for many people in this world, and especially in the Third World.”
~ Rice

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