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So I would not consider myself a big gamer, I love Nintendo and the cute games they still make such as Mario, Wario, Pokemon and Animal Crossing themed ones. I play the Xbox with my boyfriend occasionally when we get an itch to dance or shoot zombies. I also have some awesome games on my iPhone that I can easily get addicted to. I even played Diablo, Everquest, Warcraft, Hello Kitty Online and other assorted RPGs or MMORPGs a bit obsessively through the years. I have found though the most common sort of games I play are simulation games (Sims, Second Life, Animal Crossing, digital pets). When I look for new games or new consoles the reason I even consider buying, paying or playing is if there is a rad new simulation or creative style game that looks like a fun new hobby or extension of my passion about designing everything in life. My games tend to revolve around designing or building something, getting creative or just having fun arranging and improving (what my boyfriend considers to be the more boring parts of gaming (even through he is an award-winning artist)).

I first started playing the Sims when the first ever Sims came out for PC (Feb 2000). I was in love. I played it, my brother played it, my friends played it, my high school boyfriend played it. We even had computer parties where we would sit and play the Sims making houses for hours on end like every normal couple (ha). I was pretty young so sometimes after school I’d find myself getting on my computer to play then noticing that 5+ hours had went by and I wasn’t nearly to the goal I had for my Sim that day. Games like this keep me coming back and keep me interested in their growth. When the Sims 2 came out my obsession grew a bit and I found myself more entranced more with my characters rather than just their homes. The Sims 3 brought a heavy obsession with both and designing both as I loved to do for Second Life, which also has a huge fanbase. You can really create anything you can think of and with the introduction of online profiles your friends can follow your characters, creations and worlds easily. Both games have a multitude of customization options and fan-made downloads to create your own experience. No one is limited to what the developers wanted things to look like and even encouraged to create custom content. THIS is the reason that I will continue to play these games when I have free time for gaming and the whole reason I made this new feature-section about games. I am a mac-player as well and I feel most game information for these games is PC-based or non-kawaii based which is something I’d like to improve a bit on.

I’m going to feature content and mods from digital artists who share our style of whimsical, kawaii and kitsch as well as tips and nonsense about improving the gaming experience itself. I will also put my own material here when I prepare a collection of Miseducated-style goodies for your Simland. Some of my customizations are linked below.


Sim Customization

Below are Kawaii, Hipster and Lolita downloads for Sims.

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  • Sailor Moon Posters
  • Blythe Paintings by Rosie Lee
  • Quilt an Easy Blythe Doll Duvet

    pile of squares

    This is an easy charm quilt pattern for a beginner. I am COMPLETELY new to quilting. In fact this is my very first quilt so I’ll be learning along with you! Because I am so new I looked at a few patterns, one for a rag quilt, one for a charm quilt and one for a baby quilt, and altered them a bit for my Blythe-sized doll quilt. Remember this is a rag doll quilt so it’s not going to look pristine unless you are a seasoned quilter which I definitely am not. Also be sure to read to the end of this post for things learned upon making this. 😉

    cutting the squares
    line them up (blurry!)

    First cut out 25 1.5 inch wide squares of your chosen fabric(s) and lay them out as you would prefer them to look by your sewing area. If you want a rectangular quilt you’ll need to cut 5 rows of 8 squares = 40 squares.

    sewing charms
    sewing messily

    Next sew 5 rows of 5 squares each with a 1-2 cm seam allowance. After you’ve sewn all of your rows press them and sew them in numerical order to each other (see how messy I sew??).

    Next cut out a thin piece of fabric in your desired pattern the size of your quilt and piece them off sides together if you’re quilt stitching. Quilt stitching is the part I don’t understand so after doing extensive research online I found out that there really is no easy way to do it. You can do it yourself or ask a quilter to help you out. You can find a pattern online and follow the pattern by hand or machine. I chose to skip it.


    To give your quilt a more finished look you’ll want to bind the borders with fabric — or make it easy and use thick-ribbon. I’m also new at binding so I decided to skip it this time and sew my quilt to the other panel as though I was making a pillow. I put them right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving a small (2-3 inch) space. Then I turned the blanket right-side out and, because I am not a quilter, sewed a line from one corner to the other making a big X to keep the pieces together.

    sew a doll quilt

    Things I learned: Next time I’m going to make it 5 squares by 8 squares for a Blythe-bed sized quilt. I didn’t think about how small it would be getting upon sewing it, duh!

    Middie Blythe is Here!

    All of the information about Middie Blythe has been officially released from BlytheDoll.com.

    A new sized model for your creations and photos awaits!

    Middie (Middle) Blythe is here — but she doesn’t have a middle child complex because she has a super cute charm that the other’s don’t have. She can turn her head to the side!

    Not too big, not too small, she’s just right!
    For everybody who was wondering who Middie Blythe is, your wait is over!
    Middie looks slightly younger looking than a Neo Blythe and slightly more grown up than a Petite Blythe.
    She is called “Middie” because her size is in between Neo and Petite, but it spells “Middie” instead of “Midi” so it sounds like a cute girl’s name.
    Her head is table to tilt to the left or the right with eye move technology enhancing her charming gaze!


    [ Middie Blythe Stats ]
    Size (height): About 20cm
    Eye color: 1 color (eye direction is moveable from left to right)
    Eyelids: Set (do not close or open)
    Neck: Moveable to left and right
    Arm: Moveable
    Waist: Stable (does not twist)
    Knee: Stable (does not bend)


    .. and as if you needed any more reason to love and want a Middie Blythe of your own, CWC is releasing an exclusive “Macaron Q-Tea Party” in collaboration with Q-pot.

    Check out all the information directly from BlytheDoll.com:

    Tea time is the perfect time to retire to the garden for a relaxing escape.
    The intoxicating aroma of the flowers in the sunshine fill the air.
    The light colors of the pink tea roses resemble the color of sweet Parisian macarons.
    Once the treats are done baking we will be ready for our luxurious afternoon tea party, make yourself at home and enjoy this time with us!

    “Macaron Q-Tea Party” has a soft and welcoming look coordinated with her sweet and romantic styling.
    Her strawberry pink dress is embroidered with the Q-pot. brand, signature “Q” and whipped cream print.
    Her apron is light and airy, and brings to mind fresh whipped cream.
    Her gorgeous little hat is a little tea cup filled with mint tea!
    Like any proper tea cup, it features a beautiful rose and lace motif to make it truly festive for our afternoon tea!
    Her necklace and earrings have the signature Q-pot.’s “Q” and are made to look like strawberry and mint green Parisian macarons, how sweet!
    She wears lace tights and mint green strapped shoes.
    Her hair is a lovely honey blond, and has a slight wave perm giving her a romantic and sweet look.
    She wears mint green eyeshadow and has fresh pink lips and cheeks, just right for an outdoor party.
    Her eyes are blue and are so inviting and warm.
    Her skin type is Very fair.

    [ Skin Type ] Very fair
    [ Make-up ] Eye shadow: mint green, Lips: blushy pink, Cheek: warm pink
    [ Eye Color ] Blue
    [ Hair Color ] blonde with a touch of brown (two mixed saran colors!)
    [ Earrings ] Q-pot. Brand signature macaron earrings in mint green and strawberry
    [ The set includes ] Doll, pink dress with decorative print, apron, tea cut hat, Q-pot. brand signature macaron necklace in mint, Q- pot. Brand signature macaron earrings in mint green and strawberry, tights, mint green shoes, bloomers, and new Middie Blythe stand.

    Scheduled release Date: October 2010
    Suggested retail price: 14,490yen
    Limited to 3500dolls

    Blythe Character © 2010 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Blythe Character licensee rights for Asia © 2010 Cross World Connections, Ltd.
    Photographs © 2010 Junie Moon-CWC

    Blythe Clothing Pattern Collection

    One of the best things about Blythe is she’s just the right size to whip up an adorable outfit for in a couple of hours (or less!) .. and she looks adorable in anything!

    Blythe is known as a model among the community and a creative inspiration. Some of my favorite outfits were handmade painstakingly with a cute photo in mind — yet another creative way to spend your free time.

    Sewing Patterns

    XOXO Blythe
    Jam Fancy (new)
    Jam Fancy (old)

    Knit Patterns

    Wooly Rockers

    Crochet Patterns

    Suncatcher Eyes

    .. and remember we have a pattern here as well you should try!

    Customizing Blythe: How to Paint Lips Like a Pro

    Hello! I customize blythe dolls for both fun and for some profits. So far I have been doing it for just a little over year. I started when I was 15 and my first doll was quite terrible (as I wasn’t very careful), but I got better and better with every doll,and have now done 20+ dolls. So here is a tutorial for re-coloring or customizing the lips of a Blythe doll, hope you like it!

    blythe lip tutorial

    Step 1

    Gather your supplies: Blythe, fine-grit sanding sponge, a small flat paint-brush and a bigger softer paint-brush, chalk pastels in a lighter and darker color, and watercolor-pencils in a darker color and white.

    Step 2

    Sand off the original lip color (you may have to scrape the paint in the crease away with a some-what dull x-acto knife). With the small paint-brush, brush the darker pastel color in the crease of the lips and lightly outward.

    Step 3

    Use the darker watercolor-pencil to define the crease and add some lip wrinkles.

    Step 4

    Use the white watercolor-pencil to add texture with quick strokes, and lightly color with it to blend with the darker color.

    Step 5

    Brush the lighter color pastel on with the bigger paintbrush and you’re done!

    … and it make take a few tries to get it right, so don’t get frustrated! 😉