We’re On Our Way

It’s been quite a busy week and there’s still so much to do before this weekend. I’m excited to tell you that I have fashion tutorials and possibly even some video tutorials coming for you very soon! I’ve also been working on several collaborations and I cannot wait to show you the results. Some great artist interviews are on the way with Kim Ripley of stoopidgerl and pop surrealist painter Camilla D’Errico. Wee! We also have a great load of new sponsors ready to support Miseducated in the coming months. (Email us if you’re interested in more information about advertising here.)

This is the Bunny Queen in her palace.

Lately I’ve been up to a lot whole lot of working and mothering. I’m just trying to catch up and keep my head above the water. I’ve also been doing a whole lot of loving, which is obviously really important. Don’t forget to tell everyone you love that you care because there’s nothing like giving and receiving love. Especially right now.

Trying to keep positive and actually getting the apartment organized and clean.. I have company coming soon and I need to do a top to bottom spring (summer!) cleaning. I’m so looking forward to it! Now if I could just start and end somewhere besides the litterbox… I can’t seem to get past it. Keeping up with everyone’s (Colette’s, Hobbes’s, Wanwan’s) poop schedules all day long is daunting!

Have you been keeping cool?

Reading, Writing and Running Around in Circles

Lately I’ve gotten even more addicted to reading because my best friend got a Kindle (which I have been putting off, I have some kind of strange obsession with paper) and it makes sharing books a snap.

You can loan out books you’ve bought for a couple of weeks, perfect for an addict like me to munch on books with my hungry eyes. I highly recommend it.

Also — if you’re tight on space you don’t have the ton of books looming in the corner. I like to stack my books but now that I have Colette I’m going to have to .. why are bookshelves so scary? Is that my agoraphobia looming in the background? I love bookshelves, tall ones anchored to the wall.. however with the baby they make my nervous. Perhaps the wall-unit shelves.. but wont things topple off one they’re bumped? I suppose they’ll do. The large IKEA expedit will not fit on any of my walls.. we had to part ways. It was a sad day but luckily a friend found use out of it.

This is a Saturday post.. it’s way too wonky to be a weekday post. Don’t you agree? šŸ˜‰ Mostly I just enjoy making art for posts sometimes.. would posts with art-journaling only be acceptable?

Rainbow Soda Snowskin Mooncake

When I first talked with Aunty Yochana I was absolutely charmed, her appreciation for food (namely sweets!) and the aesthetic decadence of it was so inspirational. Always having been addicted to sweets and cuteness (my sweet tooth is deadly!) I was immediately drawn to her and her love of expressing herself by creating mouthwatering masterpieces.

I couldn’t wait to know her secrets and of course I had to ask if I could share them with you as well, with these on your cake platter (don’t forget to adorn with raspberries and macarons as well!) you’ll make quite an impression. Tea party anyone?


90 gm. fried glutinous rice flour
10 gm. wheat starch
30 gm. shortening
40 gm. powdered sugar
200 gm. ice-cream soda or 7-up
a little pandan (green), pink and lemon yellow food coloring


600 gm. lotus paste
30 gm. melon seeds

* convert grams here


1. Sift the glutinous rice flour and wheat starch into a mould.
2. Add in icing sugar and shortening and mix till thoroughly mixed.
3. Pour in ice-cream soda and mix into a soft pliable dough.
4. Divide dough into 4 portions. Add colouring to each portion, leaving one portion white.
5. Place each dough between plastic sheets and roll into a rectangular flat piece of the same size. Stack the dough on top of one another, then roll into a swiss roll.
6. Cut into 6 equal pieces. Divide the lotus paste fillings into 6 portions.
7. Roll the spiral part into a flat piece and wrap with lotus paste filling. Press into a mooncake mould then knock out.
8. Chill before serving.