We Call Them Chicago Weekends

I live in a small city I like to call OZ. It’s cute, sweet and colorful with bright blue skies, yellow meadows and green grass. Living here is nice, you get small-city life but there’s not so much hustle bustle that you can’t get around easily. I love Indianapolis, I’ve tried to move several times and I keep coming back here to roost (the people here are rad).

One way we Indy folk like to have fun is to go to Chicago over the weekend. Our neighbor is a major city, has delicious deep dish pizza, and has an abundance of sky scrapers, shops, events and food to enjoy.

Foklorique fashion show
gino's east
Deep dish at Gino’s East.

The pizza was delicious and quite different from my usual favorite. It was refreshing to try something new but, as you can imagine, very messy. This baby was not so much a hands-on pizza slice.

It was also here that Benjamin and I met and had pizza with Jamie of Japan L.A. and Stephie of Dollybeast — both were visiting Chicago and couldn’t stop raving about it. It surely is a special place and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Stay tuned for features on two of my favorite places in Chicago, Chinatown and Rotofugi.

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